Miracles do happen!

Those smiling curves.. And laughing lips.. Hiding tears under the bridge.. of sinking emotions still vibrant.. Said alot through.. Those droopy eyes..  filled with an ocean of emptiness.. Some deep thoughts.. And fragile feelings.. Wished someone to hear.. Those inner noises and echoes.. And to touch the darkness.. Under the roots of solemn soul.. Reaching […]

The thalassic vibes..

Sitting along the shores of sea..To find the depth of the wavy tides..just like the overflowing emotions in the core of humans beneath the bricks of falsified relations..finds themselves alive. Where exist all gracious species in dirt and filth…still happily grows and instills forever…Just like the lifeboat of the saint sinking under the savage world […]

Enchanted Dreamer!

I have imagined my life.. to be with you by your side! I have imagined my life.. to be yours for life.. as you have become my lyfline! I have imagined my life..  to be your prince to love you, adore you till the last breath! I have imagined my life..  To grow old together […]

A silent killer!

In just a half way.. They show you so much. They make you feel out of the world. They gives you a bunch of happiness. They create a dreamland for you. They try to steal your heart. They want to be all yours. They make your life vibrant and worth living. They make you feel […]

Loving unloved..!

He came as a blessing in someone’s life!! He brightened the murky world like the stars embellish the duskiness of sky and craves to stay forever sparkling all the more in the dead of night.. He relished the ugliest scars like the moon loves the beauty of darkness and rise high to ablaze more to […]

Living The Pain..

We crave for things to happen.. We crave for what we like to happen.. We crave for happiness in every moment.. We crave for love from others.. We crave for our desires to get fulfilled.. We crave for our wishes to come true.. But.., Why expectations hurt you more..? Why we don’t get what we […]

And she never said…!

Through coincidnce we both met at a place.. Randomly we had some words with each other… Randomly we exchanged our numbers… Randomly we became friends… Randomly we shared ourselves with each other… Randomly we started liking each other’s company… Randomly we started meeting with each other… Randomly we became the closest… Randomly we started late […]