Impelling the essentials

Hello to all of you out there!! 😉

Though I have been quite inactive from the site since so long.. but trust me, I have been swamped with carrying out my important obligations and needful tasks.

But, I hope you all are doing really well..:)

I just wanted to share something.. and here I go!

If we notice statistics.. the graphs have shown us a terrible decline in the areas of love relationship. We can see a devastating fall in making up of relationship.

The separation and divorces have been increasing at an alarming rate, adding up to the severity of stress, depression and various mental illnesses..

And, yes the problem has been worsening.. what could be the reasons for such a drastic change..?

It could be lifestyle changes, behavioural changes, gender differences and priorities… or what else..?

So, you must be wondering why I started discussing on this topic suddenly..

Well, I must share with you all that being from a psychology background.. I have to undergo a survey research for the accomplishment of credentials (post graduation).

Being so overwhelmed with day to day breakups, divorces and mental torture and sufferings..

I decided to start my study related to this field.. and therefore kept a topic as-


And I would be very thankful to you all to be a part of my research by taking up the survey and filling it.

This above is the link to the survey which would take hardly around 15 min.

And moreover i assure you about the confidentiality of the results and the information provided by you would only be used for my research purpose.

You can share with all your married friends and relatives too.. it would be very helpful if u take out some time and fill this survey..

I hope for prompt and exciting responses..

Thank you all beauties for your help and support..

Good wishes!


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