Till the last!

It was difficult to say..If it was the words which estranged us..!!

Or it was the keen care which separated us..!!

Or it was the fear which pulled us apart..!!

Yess.. tough to express.. but engraved in my heart!!
The death didnt arrived but why your memories came..!!

The garden was uprooted before the plants could blossom!!
And the love birds were separated before their meet up!!

The voice of nightingale fuels my despair!!

Still you are not near to me!!
Will the shining sun mourn on the separation!!

Will the starry moon pay tribute to the isolation suffered!!

Will the rain and thunderstorms calm the fired soul!!

How the waves of the sea could stop meeting the shoreline!!

How the sun could stop the rays touching the ground!!

How the moon and dazzling stars could stop their affair with the night!!

And so how could I stop loving my whole world which resides in you!!

Loving you beyond my life with every piece is the most favourite hobby of mine!!”

People have the painful past.. but you will be the most beautiful memory as well as the most beautiful past in this era of my love history!!

Remembering you would break me down.. But your golden words ” I can love you for life and even after that.. and your presence is most important for my survival…” embraces my soul..! And I would give all of mine to you beyond forever!!

“I not only wish to get you in this life.. but for infinite rebirths..”


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