Monochromatic selfhood!

And then..When evryone fall asleep at night

Her demon woke up 

To take her to the times 

Where she stood alone on the silent paradise!!

It was then again she recognised..

“The real her”

Her fears..,her failures..,her sufferings..,her breakdowns.., her aches..,is the only family..

It was then she remembered when only the lonliness and drenched pillows were her real companions..

It was then she understood the sides of the monstrous souls playing with the organs..

And waking up to the next morning with the lessons learned..

Would they really dragged her to move forward!! Or..

Will they ever leave  Or..

Will they  play hide and seek with her life..??

Will they ever let her sleep the night where someone would fire up her night with the gazing stars..

Will someone would be the moon of her darkness..And yet the end would be..

“Happily loved” or “Happily borken” again!!


14 thoughts on “Monochromatic selfhood!

  1. She decides whether the stars are her companions or the pillows with tears are. The real her is an illusion, the creator of her illusion, her pure consciousness, is her truest self. It decides her friends, and her feelings towards her memories.

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