Miracles do happen!

Those smiling curves..

And laughing lips..

Hiding tears under the bridge..

of sinking emotions still vibrant..

Said alot through..

Those droopy eyes.. 

filled with an ocean of emptiness..

Some deep thoughts..

And fragile feelings..

Wished someone to hear..

Those inner noises and echoes..

And to touch the darkness..

Under the roots of solemn soul..

Reaching to the infinity.. 

providing bliss and composure..

To the solitudary wanderer..

And watering the droughted heart..

To grow the seeds of loyalty..

And unbreakable promises..

In the garden of benevolence..

Starring the sky with eternal love..

And dancing sparkling universe

On the musical strings..

Of exuberance and euphoria.. 

turning the gloomy times..

To sunny days..!!


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