The thalassic vibes..

Sitting along the shores of sea..To find the depth of the wavy tides..just like the overflowing emotions in the core of humans beneath the bricks of falsified relations..finds themselves alive.

Where exist all gracious species in dirt and filth…still happily grows and instills forever…Just like the lifeboat of the saint sinking under the savage world of villain powers..finds the peace and serenity.
And where lies the jewelled pearls at the bottom under the burried sand..still so scintillating and so precious…Just like a rumbled shell of heart abused with synthetic love..finds the ground of hope and a ray of optimism.

And where it seems to be the ravishing connection of the sparkling sun and the howling surge…just like the delightful affair of the beauty and the beast..
And where the fabulous dreamed-up coincide of the heaven and the earth is personified as the striking beauty and charisma in the blues of the whole universe..
And wondering if that endless sea of an echoic roaring waves of her soul would tear her apart or would give her soothing effect or will end forever..!


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