Loving unloved..!

He came as a blessing in someone’s life!!
He brightened the murky world like the stars embellish the duskiness of sky and craves to stay forever sparkling all the more in the dead of night..

He relished the ugliest scars like the moon loves the beauty of darkness and rise high to ablaze more to be its flickering light forever..

He enlightened the blackened lamps of the anima like the lightening of candles conquer the demonic devils and glorify the shades of black with joy..

He consoled the brutal heart like the divine spirit palliating the devastation with the magical tunes of warmth and altruism..

He gave life to a repudiated spirit like nurturing a seedling to bolossom dancing on the chirruping of birds and blushing on savour of melodies..

He touched the hopeless heart with all supressed feelings deep buried under the cuts and pieces..

He came with the fire to inspire..
He is not everybody..he is rare..!

He was the lucent of her misty life, a triumph over the hollowness.., an outshine over the sinking of feelings.. and an knock over the rooms of emptiness..

He was d rainbow of d cloudy twilight lyf glittering the affected soars with colors of love..!! 


32 thoughts on “Loving unloved..!

  1. i ike the fact that the subject of this piece isn’t named. this could easily be Jesus – but it could easily be the person or anything who/that brought you happiness during your period of strife. brilliant piece.

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