A silent killer!

In just a half way..

They show you so much.

They make you feel out of the world.

They gives you a bunch of happiness.

They create a dreamland for you.

They try to steal your heart.

They want to be all yours.

They make your life vibrant and worth living.

They make you feel alive and loved.

They just gift you a terrific time and treasured memories.

But who knows…Everything was short-lived!!

The feelings generated had the shortest life span!

So, an uncalled for, a low down game won it and a muzzled heart stays offbeatedly still waiting for more incursions and assaults!!

A hammered hooked heart got over croocked and cracked under the influence of faithful Adulterer..-“A LADYKILLER”.


39 thoughts on “A silent killer!

      1. Yes for once I was the sufferer and will be the one who suffered but yes moving on growing on so that I don’t remain suffering…. I am on verge and almost over it but those words you wrote as fake feelings do happen and it hurts…. Each day or once a while the past ruins the present ..

        The post was so truly felt…..

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      2. Thank you so much..
        n yes it do affect us.. I cn understand but itz gud to move on for your well being.. evryone has a bad one dats y itz called a past.. so juz chuck it.. and move on lyf z really beautiful n once u live it u vil find mny gud ppl around you..😍😍☺️
        god bless youu!


  1. Yes the most amazing people, whom we start loving so much.. who cares and does everything just like what we always wanted in our imagination… Unfortunately they are so short lived !
    You’ve expressed an hidden feeling in me .
    Lovely and so beautifully true πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ

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