Loving unloved..!

He came as a blessing in someone’s life!! He brightened the murky world like the stars embellish the duskiness of sky and craves to stay forever sparkling all the more in the dead of night.. He relished the ugliest scars like the moon loves the beauty of darkness and rise high to ablaze more to […]

Living The Pain..

We crave for things to happen.. We crave for what we like to happen.. We crave for happiness in every moment.. We crave for love from others.. We crave for our desires to get fulfilled.. We crave for our wishes to come true.. But.., Why expectations hurt you more..? Why we don’t get what we […]

And she never said…!

Through coincidnce we both met at a place.. Randomly we had some words with each other… Randomly we exchanged our numbers… Randomly we became friends… Randomly we shared ourselves with each other… Randomly we started liking each other’s company… Randomly we started meeting with each other… Randomly we became the closest… Randomly we started late […]

The Beauty of Silence..

From hours to days.. And days to months.. From months to years.. And years to infinite.. You will never be out of her mind. Did you know??  She was dying that time when you refused that beautiful evening under the stars… but never told you.. Did you know?? she was falling apart that time when […]

Abstract Feelings…

This was a story of a dead yet alive Heart… I know I could never get you in my life… but still I want to be with you.. I know you might not get to see me..but still I want my mornings with you.. I know you might not be in contact with me..but still […]